Saturday, March 1, 2008

Black is Blue-tiful

The Introduction of Virtuous Blue just so happened to fall on February 29th, the last day of Black History Month. Although February isn't the only month that African and African American accomplishments should be recognized, Virtuous Blue deemed it necessary to pay a tribute to our gorgeous ancestors who’ve always incorporated vibrant colors, bold makeup, and wonderful headdresses in their interpretation of fashion, beauty, and culture.

Come with us as we travel through time to the amazing continent of Africa to see how we’ve maintained a significant portion of our external appearance while influencing others. There were queens such as Cleopatra and Nefertiti rocking the winged eyeliner look waaay before pin-up models showcased it's popularity in the 40s' and 50s', and lightyears before Amy Whinehouse strutted her stuff with sultry cat eyes and declared her rejection of rehab.

The concept of "bling bling" is by no means a new one. Cultural references from the past show that Black style has always been flashy, vibrant, noticeable, influential, and has always been BLUE. Here are some ways to take some classic looks and incorporate them into your style by adding a modern twist.



(From left to right)

(row 1) 1. Maasai Beaded Bracelet $10.00 2. Fafi look (row 2) 3. Cote Minou all orders custom made avg. $150.00


(From left to right)
(row 1)
1. Fulani Earrings Medium- $22.00 Large-$27.00 2. Women's Printed Scarf Bags $19.50 (row 2) 3. Women's 2007 ONE Campaign T-Shirt By EDUN $40.00 4. Cynthia Steffe Colorful Dress $48.00 vintage pieces...get it fast)

The options that we listed in this post are affordable for the working woman (or even the broke college student) and offer flexibility, however, you can certainly duplicate these looks in so many other ways. Feel free to have fun with it and add your own flare. Our belief at Virtuous Blue is that "beauty is endless" why limit yourself?

Thanks for reading…Keep it BLUE!!!


Mona the Face Painter said...

I love this!!! WE need this. This is got to be the first of its kind to highlight African inspirations into the world of fashion. I look forward to reading this!!! Congratulations and welcome to blogging (feels good, don't it?)


Divine Blackness said...

Hi ladies! Greetings from Florida! Thanks for strollin' through Clumps of Mascara and I am adding Virtuous Blue to my Google Reader and Blogroll on both of my blog sites. I love what you all are doin'. Big ups!

slvrlips said...

Ok while adding this wonderful site to my google reader I noticed the earrings I have been trying to find for like ever. The fulani earrings have been on my wish list for months and I just noticed you all showed where I can purchase them. Thanks so much for sharing this. Yay!! off to buy a couple pair.