Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Black & White Day Cont.

Hey bluetiful ones. So as promised, we have the update from Teneasha's birthday extravaganza. We revisited the "black and white challenge" that we did with our friends years ago, however, this time around we decided to skimp the "challenge" part and make it a "black and white expression" day. It was agreed that alleviating the idea of it being a competition would make the whole thing much more enjoyable. When we did this challenge years ago, we all pretty much looked the same (blazers and denim jeans). We were all in agreement that each one of us has definately matured fashion wise & have embraced our individuality. It was interesting to see how we all essentially used the same colors, but used different ways to interpret our own style. Here's a few pics from the evening. Feel free to tell us what you all think....

"The Preparation":Kenya giving Ndidi golden eyes and classic red lips.

*OUR BLUE CENTS* - The addition of eye catching make up color is a great way to set off a neutral toned outfit.

"The Pre-show": Michelle sporting a turtle neck, plaid shorts, and knee high leather stiletto boots.
*OUR BLUE CENTS* - Don't want to go overboard with your outfit? Then keep it simple and let a great pair of shoes do all the talking.

"Strike a pose!": Kenya serving it in a black pencil skirt, a patterned black & white blouse, and a fitted pea coat.

*OUR BLUE CENTS* - a great fit goes a long way (not unbearably tight, but not overwhelmingly baggy either). It's the best way to accentuate the features you love and camouflage the ones that you don't.

"Lights, Camera, Action!": Latoya posing for flicks in long wide legged slacks, a black blouse, and a funky waist belt.

*OUR BLUE CENTS* - longer slacks give the illusion of long legs, which is a great way to add a little height for some of us who are vertically challenged ;-)

"Showtime": Ndidi & Teneasha ready to do some show stopping. Ndidi is wearing a white jersey dress with black leggings, and Teneasha is wearing a black cocktail dress with a black and white waist belt.
*OUR BLUE CENTS* - A thick waist belt is a great way to accentuate the curves and give that much desired "hour glass" shape.

"Encore!": Ndidi, Kenya, and Krystina before entering the bistro. Krystina is wearing a black trench dress and classic white pearls.

*OUR BLUE CENTS* - As noted by Krystina's lovely pearls, and Ndidi's funky clutch, accessories can add a great flare to any outfit.

"Blackout": All of the ladies, all of gifts, and all of the food...and we're just getting started!
*OUR BLUE CENTS* - What's the best part of fashion? Doing you...and having fun while you're at it! So feel free to try out a little challenge/expression day with some of your friends, and just let your creative juices flow. Beauty is all about self by all means, EXPRESS yourself!

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