Monday, March 24, 2008

Favorite Things...

Hey Lovelies,

When trying to master your personal image, the right products can make the world of difference. Here are some products that we can't live without. If you're planning on making some beauty purchases in the near future, you just might want to consider these...

Conair's Yellow Bird Hair Dryer. If you have hair, especially natural hair for my African-American ladies, you need this blow dryer. It does half the work for you in the straightening process.


Marc Jacob's Daisy. This perfume is femininity in a bottle. I'm not a floral person, but this is the perfect mix of light floral and vanilla. All it takes is one sniff. It"ll change your life.


MAC's Pro Longlash. Everyone wants long luxurious lashes, unfortunately, we all weren't born with them. If you're like me and suffer from "short, straight lash" syndrome MAC has created the cure. Pro Longlash does exactly what the name suggests, it give you the longest lashes ever.

To show our complete list of favorite items would probably create a post that's longer than a dissertation. This post only listed a few things, but we'll come back sporadically with great updates. Send us a comment if you have any questions or concerns about any item that we listed. Also feel free to offer suggestions of your own. What's one of your favorite things?

Keep It BLUE!!!


BeautyTalk said...

I just got Daisy a little while ago and I love it!

Fashion's Darling said...

"This perfume is femininity in a bottle."...GENIUS! It's so true! I fell in love with this perfume in Sephora.

I generally use Conair dryers for my hair because its does work wonders when drying/straaightening African American (natural) hair. But I've never tried this Yellow Bird thing...

looks like I have to make a trip to the Beauty supply store...=)

Virtuous Blue said...

Hey Beautytalk,

Daisy is amazing. I'll be honest and say when I wear it I find myself sniffing my wrist (is that weird? lol) I just love it sooo much.

Teneasha (VB)

Virtuous Blue said...

Fashion Darling...I like you already.

The Yellow Bird is like $30 on Amazon, it was the best $30 I've ever spent. I have thick hair, but it is no match to the Yellow Bird especially with the comb attachment. I'll have to post a picture of the stages of my straightening process. This blow dryer is amazing!!!

Teneasha (VB)

ndidi said...

I have two out of the three items , I'm working on the daisy perfume, that perfume and L. by Gwen Stefani.

Virtuous Blue said...

Yes Ndidi...with 2 out of 3. Daisy is a great fragrance and so is Gwen Stefani's. You've inspired us, maybe we'll do a fragrance post. Spring is in the air and its nothing like having a nice light scent to brighten the day.