Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Got Etsy???

Hey Bluetiful Ones!!!

If you haven't ventured into Etsy yet, it is a must. Etsy is an amazing site that gives local designers a national audience. If you're looking for exclusive items, then Etsy is definitely the place for you.

For our first Etsy.com highlight, we'd like to introduce you to NSTYLEVINTAGE.

Vintage clothes are an amazing way to build a wardrobe on a budget. Mixing the old with the new can do wonders when it comes to creating your very own unique style. Thrift store shopping is a talent in itself, but thanks to the convenience of the net, a place like NSTYLEVINTAGE makes it easier by bringing these very Blue finds to you.

Here are some things that are very chic:

Try this FAB dress with a cinched waist belt to show off the curves (refer to "OUR BLUE CENTS" located in B&W cont.) post or to bring in a pop of color. Or keep it casual with an funky shoe, like a nice ankle boot.


Spring is in the air with this floral skirt. This bold piece can be paired with any solid top and neutral shoe. Throw in a bangle and you have yourself a to-die-for ensemble.


I know this is out of the box for many, but trust me, this boot with a skinny jean and fitted tee/button-up and a casually wrapped scarf is a great way to add a little drama to a simple look.(refer to "OUR BLUE CENTS" located in B&W cont. post)

This shop has so many great finds, and they add new items regularly. Visit NSTYLEVINTAGE at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5189874 .
Keep it BLUE!!!

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LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

It meets all of my qualifications: stylish, cheap and vintage! I love your site so I'm adding it to my blogroll. Best of luck with your videos and if you ever need any help or promo work, lemme know. Also, send me any info on friends' fashion endeavors