Friday, February 29, 2008

A Formal Introduction....

Greetings and Welcome to Virtuous Blue!!!

Words cannot explain how excited we are about launching Virtuous Blue. It is our hope that you will find a little something here that will impact your life. We have come to find that as women we are all unique and different in so many ways, however, there are certain things that every woman can relate to. What woman doesn't want to feel beautiful? Beauty is living and ever changing, it represents emotion and values, it’s our culture and our individuality, it’s exciting and refreshing, and above all it’s BLUE. BLUE is the experience of beauty and together we will make everyday a BLUE day.

Virtuous Blue was co-founded by Kenya and Teneasha. Allow us to briefly introduce ourselves...

Kenya: Growing up as an only child, the mirror was my best friend. It allowed me to step into another world and be a completely different person. As I matured, I began to find that very same pleasure in make up and fashion. Granted, the first few years of experimentation were a bit touch and go. But who doesn't go through those awkward phases that have you looking back at old photos saying "what in the world was I thinking?" I had no clue at the time there was a cosmetic world that expanded beyond just lip liners and ultra shiny gloss. However, once I entered college, I was exposed to so many other options. The individuality displayed at Howard University gave me the opportunity to see that fashion wasn't about "fitting in", but it was about self-expression. Taking courses in theater arts allowed me to understand how someone's wardrobe, make up, and entire look is capable of telling an elaborate story. So why not make it an interesting one?

Teneasha: I’ve always been drawn to creativity and appearance. My father is a carpenter, so as I child I found joy in playing with his paint swatches and observing the mixing and matching of colors. My interest in colors quickly grew into a love of the combinations of vibrant patterns and prints in fashion and the color merge of cosmetics on the face and body. At Howard University my love for makeup and fashion flourished. By no means am I a professional, but I have had the opportunity to gain hands on experience here and there. I started doing my own makeup and received so many compliments, which turned into requests from friends, and ultimately led to being a makeup artist along with Kenya for “I’m So Over It”, a play that premiered in 2007 on Howard’s campus. Along the way I picked up some tips that have proven fruitful in my life and I hope to share them with you, but also inspire you to see the many great things that are you, and how to enhance them.

It could be said that the two of us kind of serve as the the other's counterpart...the yin to each other's yang. Having different experiences, body types, complexions, and styles allows us to constantly look at something in a new light and diversify our outlook on beauty. You’ll get to learn more about us with time and we are looking forward to learning about you. This is not a one way blog. It is our desire to make this an environment that is interactive, fun, and enjoyable for each and every one of us.

Please see the about me for other tidbits about Virtuous Blue.

And don't forget to make today a BLUE day!!!

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Seymone said...

This an awesome site. I truly enjoyed my days at Howard unfortunately I was an exchange student for a semester. However, I always said that I would go back for law school.