Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Monday's Blues...Still here on Tuesday

Do weekends exist? One minute I'm doing my happy dance because Friday is here and the next minute my alarm clock is sounding and Monday has reared its head again. Monday's are a dreaded day, for many its a symbol of the end of freedom that the weekend seems to grant us. It's Tuesday and the feeling of wanting to sleep the day away is unshakable. I thought of writing a happy blog about the joys of blush and lipgloss, but I have to be honest, cosmetics and a hot outfit is not going to make me feel beautiful. Why not? Beauty begins within. Outward appearance is a reflection of internal feelings. Beauty begins with confidence, it effects your posture, facial expressions, and your overall presence.

When I feel less than confident, less than beautiful...there are a few things I do to lift my spirits and I thought it would be helpful to share them with you. One is a personal affirmation. Affirmations are statements that "affirm" who you are, and they are especially useful when life"s issues make you forget. Look in the mirror and repeat the following affirmation as many times as necessary until you begin to remember these things are true.

Today's Affirmation
This week will be an amazing week and it starts TODAY. I love myself. I love myself enough to ensure my happiness. The issues I'm facing will soon be small details of a testimony of great success. I am gorgeous, intelligent, and important to the betterment of the world, not because the media said so, not because my friends said so, but because I KNOW so. Today I'll let me inner confidence shine through my smile and people will look at me and see that TODAY is a new day. I am an inspiration and today I inspire myself.

Affirmations are one of many ways to shake away the "Monday Blues", share with us how you overcome these moments. Together we will make sure everyday is a BLUE day.

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