Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Makeup Haul

Hey Bluetiful Ones!!!

Do you keep a makeup wish list? I do. After a very hectic semester, I decided to treat myself to a few items on my wish list and thought it was a perfect opportunity to make my first youtube video. This video highlights my recent purchases.

our blue cents: MAC is a very popular and high quality brand (and definately one of our FAVS!), however, cosmetics don't start and end with MAC. If you haven't done so already, take a tour of your local drug store's cosmetic department or Sephora and discover the benefits of other brands. You can't go wrong with variety. Feel free to share your favorite non-MAC product with us.

Here's the video....

Sneak Peak:

After completing my video, I couldn't resist doing my makeup. I created this light spring look, with a tutorial to come. I even added my very own pair or NSS earrings to complete the look.

As always, keep it BLUE!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008


Greetings Lovelies!!!

Howard University is known as the capstone of Black Education. Holding true to its name, HU has afforded us the opportunity to meet so many talented and creative entrepreneurs, movers & shakers, fashionistas, and future success stories. Today we're pleased to introduce you to NATIONAL SOCIETY OF SOUL (NSS) and Ms. Ladybug ,Shantelle Brumfield, the owner.

VB had the esteemed honor of being in the presence of the one and only Shantelle to pick her brain and soak up some of her creative juices. Check out the conversation. It inspired us and we hope that you gain some motivation to get on your grind and make your dreams a reality as well. As women, encouraging one another is a trait that we consider to be VERY blue.

What made you decide to start your own business?
In order to answer this question we must take a journey back down memory lane to my childhood. When I was about 3 years old, I began collecting loose change from my father’s pockets, which then lead to me completing my brother’s household chores at $5 to $10 per week. Eventually, I would go out with my older brother Mike on his newspaper route and get pulled behind in this red wagon, while making a quarter per paper I handed to him. Finally, when I turned nine years old I started my first business of cleaning older folks' homes. Now, when it comes to National Society of Soul it was a predestined decision. My life’s blueprint reads ENTREPRENEUR all over it.

When did you start NSS?
During my freshmen year at Howard University I began crocheting hat and scarf sets for students. I was a Biology/Chemistry dual major on the excelled track designed for Pre-Professional Health Career. Needless to say, I had absolutely no time, but I made time to build business. Later, at Howard's Homecoming in 2003, my homegirl Miss India “BEBE” Jackson, inspired me to submit pieces into the fashion showcase, which featured Serena Williams' line and Nelly’s Apple Bottom Jean line. That event was a prime opportunity to prove myself to my fellow student body, friends, and respected alum.

How has the business been going?
Well, about four months ago I took a huge step out on faith to leave my job as a Cancer Research Scientist to pursue design full-time and things have been great. I've been featured in Howard's Homecoming Fashion Show 2003, Howard's RESFEST 2003, New Faces Fashion Show May 2007, DC Fashion Week 2008, LA Fashion Week 2008, Howard's Black Arts Festival 2008, a XXL Magazine Jan/Feb 2008 photoshoot featuring female hip hop star Remy Ma, Jersey Woman Magazine, and more to come. Along with Remy Ma, NSS has also achieved product placement with the following celebrities: Mya, Erykah Badu, and Lauren London. And more recently, myself and five other designers are opening DC’s first designer showroom; offering fashion, art, and music in one location.

1. Remy Ma rockin some NSS originals in XXL (feb. 2008)

2. A pair from the "Heart" collection featured in XXL

How did NSS become so prominent in your life?
I began crocheting during my freshmen year of high school as a hobby. I use to spend a lot of time around my grandmother and her women’s club, which sparked my interest in learning how to crochet, cross-stitch, quilt, and sew. I received one-on-one training from my grandmother’s friend Cora, who taught me how to make hats, blankets, and scarves. But, it was during spring break of my sophomore year of high school that my craft of crocheting was perfected. My aunt Evelyn taught me to read patterns and position my hands properly, while executing quality product. And the rest is history. For me, design provides stress relief and relaxation, making it very easy to forget about life’s drama.

Do you remember your first sale? Describe how it felt.
Yes, I was in high school back in California at Benicia High School. One of my classmates, Heidi, was an incredible sketch artist who loved cats. I made her a purple and teal tam. It felt so good seeing my product being worn by another individual, and receiving the praise from follow classmates and teachers was a priceless experience.

How does NSS impact the community?
I believe fashion is a direct reflection of an individual’s soul. My sense of fashion evolved from my love of life, music, and natural beauty. The clothing that one puts on their body helps to project their soul to the world. NSS provides creativity and individuality. When someone wears an NSS original they feel like one-of-a-kind, the way God designed them.

Do you have any advice for new entrepreneurs?
“Plan your work and work your plan!!” Its easy to spend mounds of time planning every detail, when in actuality your business comes to life through action. As you take action, adjustments will be made to your plan to make it more efficient and effective. Think of it as the art of war ". . .one battle is lost, but new combat tactics are established.” “DON’T BE AFRAID. . .fear is the door between you and your success!”

How can our readers contact you or get their own pair of NSS originals?

DEKKA Showroom
1338 U Street NW, 2nd Floor
Washington, DC

VB thanks Shantelle and NATIONAL SOCIETY OF SOUL for helping us keep it BLUE!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

One Stop Shop: Forever 21

Hey Lovelies,

Last weekend I needed to find a complete outfit that was cute and affordable, in an hour or less. I needed a "One Stop Shop"...which inspired this new post theme. Our first "One Stop Shop" was taken from Forever 21.

Check it out...

1. Pleated Clutch $15.80 2. Jennifer Braided Belt $9.80
3. Promise Wedge $21.80 4. Twisted Bubble Dress $17.80
5. Phoena Floral Thong $3.80 6. Beaded Wire Earrings $3.80
7. Motley Wood Necklace $8.80 8. Layer Bead Necklace $8.80
9. F4207 Sunglasses (Brown) $5,80

Keep it BLUE!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Barack the Vote

Hey Lovelies!!!

Virtuous Blue is in no way a political blog, but we realize that beauty doesn't begin and end with fashion and cosmetics. Style is mental, spiritual, and everything else that comprises the whole person. We'll be honest and say that we're completely biased.VB is totally "Baracking the Vote". Don't get us wrong, this site is openly an arena that promotes sisterhood, so of course we have no problem giving Hillary Clinton props for her accomplishments within a male dominated field. But there is just something about the charisma, character, and intelligence of Barack Obama. He is making history by being the first person of African/African-American descent to reach this level of the race for presidency and be this successful (we realize he's not the first African-American to campaign for presidency. Shout out to Shirley Chilsom, Al Sharpton, Carol Mosley Braun, and Jesse Jackson), and we truly admire his story.

Barack Obama is leading the race with the most delegate votes from the primaries for both democrats and republicans. 15 states voted him as the top candidate at this phase in the primaries and he came is 2nd for 14 additional states. In addition to leading in delegate votes we believe Barack is leading in political t-shirt designs. Barack supporters feel the need to make their presence known and they have plenty of options to choose from. Below are a few shirt designs that are so BLUE.

Get your Obama Gear at these cool sites

(from left to right)

And regardless of who you are in political support of, feel free to be expressive and use your style to make a statement. Fashion with a message is a great look!

As always, keep it BLUE...and don't forget to VOTE!!!
Make sure you visit for your update on the 2008 Election.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

VB In Action: Howard University Resfest

Hey Lovelies!!!

Our peers at Howard University have served as the supporters of Virtuous Blue since our initial interest in make up artistry. From our humble beginnings of just seeing beauty as "a hobby", to the progression of what we now consider a passion, HU has been our training grounds and we are always grateful when presented with new opportunities to nurture our craft.

This weekend was the conclusion of a week long of events called "Resfest", where the dorms are in daily competition to see who has the most talent; ranging in athletics, games, stepping, dance and more. Virtuous Blue hung out with the Ladies of the Quad, a freshman female dorm, as makeup artists for the dance team. We had an amazing time with the Quad...not just because it was the home of our very own Kenya her freshman year, but because these girls were creative as all get out.
Their theme was inspired by the movie "Grease", and the team was broken into two groups: The Ladies and The Birds. The ladies were an embodiment of all things girly, whereas the Birds were rough, with a slightly feminine appeal. This was a breeding ground of creativity for Virtuous Blue, and gave us the chance to go all out as we designed looks to represent the personalities of the two groups.

We gave "the ladies" softer sparkly eyes with golden lemon pigment, a playful design on the side of the face adorned with gold gems, and girly cherry red lips. "The Birds" had an eyeshadow look with matte yellow lids, an edgy design with crisp lines, and a bold black lip. Both groups had pronounced eye creases with Black Tied by MAC, in order to give their eye make up definition from a distance while they were on stage.
It was so exciting to watch these young ladies transform right before our very eyes into the characters that they were going to personify during their performance. With 16 faces to beautify, we had our hands full, but we definitely had a blast!

Check out the pics and tell us what you all think...

1. Teneasha & Nafessa 2. Kenya & Tiffany

1. Shauna & Chris 2. Quad Dance Team

1. Imani 2. Tida

1. Grace 2.Tiffany

The Quad did an amazing job during the dance competition and were honored with 2nd place.

Great job ladies!!!

Special Thanks to the Coaches for allowing VB to be apart of this experience:

(left to right)
1. Aryana 2. Erin 3. Brittany

Although their colors were black, yellow and gold...the ladies of The Quad definitely kept it BLUE!!!

(Kenya, Brittany, Teneasha)

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Hey Lovelies,

Have you ever seen the perfect shoe, but they had it in every size but yours? Ever run into the perfect dress, but the ONLY size left on the rack was one that wasn't even suitable to fit on your thigh? Or worse case scenario, ever see something that takes your breathe away, but you get your bubble busted when you realize that...well're broke.

Well, that's where the Virtuous Blue "SOMEONE needs to have it" segment comes in. We can't tell you how many times we run into items that we love to death, but for whatever reason we can't purchase them for ourselves. But that doesn't mean that someone else can't rock the heck out of it on our behalf. At VB, we believe we need to help and encourage each other to be the best we can be everyday. While we continue to get ideas for the blog, surf the web, and shop, we'll keep an eye out for items that we feel embodies all things BLUE, and we'll be more than happy to share them with you.

These items might be time sensitive if its a one of a kind item from ebay, etsy, or a similar site. So make sure you check the blog regularly to catch it. If you run across a "SOMEONE needs to HAVE IT" item feel free to shoot us an email at and we'll share it (if we don't buy it for ourselves first hehe).

So...we said all that to say we found an item that SOMEONE NEEDS TO HAVE. Check it out:

Measurements (laying flat double bust, waist, and hips):
Length: 37-39 inches Holes placed at: 30 1/2 31 1/2 32 1/2 inches
Width: 2 3/4 inches
This item is listed on eBay, you can find more information at:


Friday, April 11, 2008

Etsy Find: Rebel Chic

Can we say how much we love Etsy?...We really love Etsy!!! Is it just us or are you really tired of bumping into people who have on your shirt, your shoes, sporting your purse, or some other item you just happen to love? CAN I JUST BE ME??? Etsy is a breeding ground of individuality and we give it 5 Blue Stars.

Rebel Chic is a line of accessories whose name is very befitting. The shapes and materials are against the norm, but classy nonetheless. We’ve featured their earrings on the “Things Were Eyeing” portion of our side panel.

We’d never highlight anything that we’re not losing our minds over.

“Rebel Chic is a line of jewelry inspired by women who have influenced music, art and have promoted social change. All jewelry pieces are carefully handcrafted from reclaimed leather in harmony with other organic materials.”

To get your own pair please visit:

Keep it BLUE!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Brush it off

Hello bluetiful ones!

So the verdict is in and according to the results from the poll it appears that most of you would like to see more product reviews from Virtuous Blue. So without further ado...that's exactly what we have for you! Kenya recently received her new brushes from a great company called Coastal Scents. They specialize in mineral make up, but also sell an array of products, ranging from skincare, make up ingredients, storage cases, and of course brushes.

Regardless of where you choose to purchase your tools from, don't forget to wash new brushes thoroughly before using them on your face. Sanitation is just one of those things that will never go out of style. OK, enough with the public announcements and on to the show. Hope you enjoy the video...

The brushes featured in this video are as follows:
Foundation Brush Large
Concealer Brush
Chisel Fluff/Pointed Crease Duet
Chisel Fluff Large Shadow Brush
Blending Brush
Angle Liner/Spoolie Brush
Chisel Detail Mini Brush
Pink Kolinsky Lip Brush

*our blue scents* Feel free to be experimental and find multiple purposes for your brushes. A brush that you purchased for concealing, could be great for blending and a brush that is primarily used for the lid, could also do wonders for lining the eye. You never know until you try. As we like to say at Virtuous Blue, "beauty is why limit yourself?"

For more information on Coastal Scents, check out their website at Thanks for watching, and don't forget to keep it blue!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Site Alert

Hey Lovelies,

As we learn more in the fashion and beauty world, our greatest joy is to share it with you. We recently ran across a fabulous website Honey Shed is an innovative site that does product reviews in a "talk show" format. Honeyshed includes video reviews on clothes/shoes, beauty items, technology and so much more. It definitely is a refreshing take on advertising and home shopping.

Let us know if you have any sites that you absolutely love.

Keep it BLUE!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Hey Bluetiful People,

Do you have trouble getting dressed in the morning? Lately I've found that it takes me so long to get dressed, and that it often even causes delays in me getting to my destination on time. So after some self evaluation, I discovered that one reason it was taking so long was the process of sifting through my wardrobe to find the items I liked, felt comfortable in, and fit the way I desired. I quickly realized it's time for a spring cleaning.

If you're suffering from a similar issue, make some time and clean your closet. For those pack rats out there, here are some questions you should ask yourself when deciding if you should keep or toss an item.
  1. Do I like this item?

  2. Does this item fit properly? (If not, can it be altered? is it worth being altered?)
  3. Has it been more than 6 months since I've worn this item?

  4. Was this item a "trend purchase", if so can it be incorporated into my style today?

It can be a tedious process to clean out your closet, but the time it saves in the long run makes it extremely beneficial. Our Blue cents: To help decrease the need for regular cleanings make sure each item you purchase is an item you love. Spend more money on wardrobe staple items (i.e. black skirt) and less on trend items (i.e. leggings).

Wardrobe Dos & Don'ts:
1) "I Remember..." - sometimes it can be easy to hold on to an item simply because it holds a special memory or reminds you of someone/something. But if you aren't wearing it regularly, you need to keep that memory right where it your mind.

2) "Hmm...I might be able to work with this" - There might be those pieces that you don't like all that much, but you figure you can make them work if you mix it with something else. If an item needs assistance in winning you over, then you could do without it all together.

3) The infamous "goal" items - Ya know, those articles of clothing that we know we can't fit by a long shot but we're holding on to them as "motivation" to lose weight. If we haven't lost it yet, then maybe it's time to find a new source of motivation.

4) "Everyone else is doing it!" - We're all guilty of it, buying an item because we thought it looked great on a celebrity or someone else that we saw rock it. But let us not forget that every trend does not work for everyone. If it does not compliment you, then you just might want to leave it with Beyonce.

The best wardrobe is not necessarily the one that has all of the "in" items, but the one that YOU love through and through. If you can go into your closet blindfolded to select an item to wear, and not only feel comfortable in it, but feel FIERCE in it, then you have not only shaved off preparation time, but you have also found your style niche & embraced it.

Happy Cleaning...and Keep it BLUE

Friday, April 4, 2008

YouTube Look of the Week: Purple Smokey

Greetings Lovelies,

As promised the Virtuous Blue YouTube channel is up and running ( Yaaay! We're so excited about the launch of our channel and finally getting a video up. As we said a couple of posts ago, we're all about the "visual", so of course something like this is right up our alley. This week our look is brought to you by none other than Kenya of Virtuous Blue (VB). Smokey eye is a popular classic look and can be achieved in many different ways. Kenya offers a unique play on the smokey eye using purple rather than the usual blacks and grays. Feel free to be creative and use a number of other colors to achieve this same look. As we like to say, "Beauty is why limit yourself?"

Check out the video and let us know what you think. Feedback makes us happy :-)

Products Used

Cash Flow Paint Pot (MAC) 239 brush
Fishnet e/s (Urban Decay) 239 brush
Ransom e/s (Urban Decay) 252 brush

Zero e/s (Urban Decay) 224 brush
Beauty Marked e/s (MAC) 219 brush

Lower Lash line
Cash Flow Paint Pot (MAC) 219 brush
Honey Lust e/s (MAC) 219 brush
Ransom e/s (Urban Decay) 219 brush
Beauty Marked e/s (MAC) 219 brush

Scratch (Urban Decay) 213 brush

Gilda (Nars) 150 brush

Chestnut lip liner (MAC)
Love Nectar Lustre glass (MAC)

Hope you enjoy it! And if you have any requests for future videos, let us know and we'll do our best to get them all out.

Peace...Stay BLUE!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Something in the Air

Greetings Ladies and Gents!!!

Spring is in the air, unfortunately, in DC it’s not in the weather...but we digress. Spring is a time of growth. Nature brings us the most beautiful scents through flowers and fruits that bloom during this season. Nature and Ndidi (thanks for reading boo!) has inspired us to do a blog post on fragrances.

First impressions are lasting, and in addition to looking good, it also adds an extra “umph” to smell good as well. Ever pass by someone and they had a scent that just hynoptized you? Or on the other side of the coin, has someone ever passed by you and pretty much made you choke from their overwhelming scent (*our blue cents*when it comes to fragrance "LESS IS MORE"). We’re not going to get too deep on you guys, but scents also affect our moods and emotions (i.e.“aromatherapy”), so choosing the right fragrance can be an added benefit to your attitude and how you approach the day.

Ladies we thought long and hard and created a list of our favorite 5 fragrances. Drum roll please….

1. Daisy, Marc Jacobs
2. Giorgio Armani Emporio Armani Diamonds
3. Philosophy Amazing Grace (Sephora)
4. Dolce and Gabana “The One”
5. Bath and Body Works Freshwater Cucumber
*items listed left to right

Fellas we didn’t forget about you. The 5 fragrances we love on men are:

1. Very Sexy for Men Victoria’s Secret
2. Giorgio Armani Mania
3. Sean Jean Unforgiveable
4. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme
5. AXE
*items listed left to right
So what's YOUR favorite fragrance? Is there a certain scent that you just can't get enough of? Feel free to share some of your opinions, comments, and feedback. Have a BLUEtiful day!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Capturing the BLUE: Rihanna

Miss "Good Girl Gone Bad" has been representing Barbados well. Rihanna is an international superstar taking the world by storm with her mix of R&B and Rock, as well as her amazing fashion sense. Rihanna has been photographed on the red carpet, shopping, and everything between, and has never been caught looking anything but fabulously blue.

Today we give Rihanna the "Capturing the BLUE" award, she has managed to find the perfect balance between trendy, sexy, and individually fabulous. Take a look at this diva as you continue to grow in mastering your personal image.