Friday, March 7, 2008

Fashion Challenge: Black and White Day


A couple years ago we began to have fashion challenges with our friends. It’s simple but it’s a fun way to motivate you to stretch your fashion limits. Our fashion challenges come in two forms we either “do us” and you can wear whatever you want just make it extremely fly and it must represent your personal style. Or we add some limitations, for example: We had a fashion challenge we call “Black and White” day where you have to express yourself through black and white clothes and accessories only.

Below is a picture from the first time, rather generic huh? No worries, since then we have all grown leaps and bounds in developing our own style.

We have decided to bring Black and White day back for Teneasha’s 23rd birthday next weekend. Do something fun this month, have a Black and White day with your friends, or another fashion challenge. Let us know what you come up with and we’ll post pictures of how we did Black and White day this time around.

Here are some cute Black and White finds…and as always keep it BLUE.

(from left to right) (row 1) 1. Patent “It” belt $59 2. Sequenced Knit Dress $19.80 (row 2) 3. Tuxedo Peep Toe $19.80 4. Volcom Living the Life Jacket $78.00 (row 3)5. Lux Dirty Skinny Jean $68.00 6. One Cool Cat-eye Sunglasses $9.00


Sydni Lux Presents said...

Girl, those skinny jeans would look so cute on me!

Virtuous Blue said...

Thanks Sydni, if you get them send us a picture. I know they are on my personal wishlist.