Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Tribute To A Father

Hey Lovelies!

As you all may know, today is officially Father's Day, and I will be honest and say that for majority of my life this has always been a holiday that I have over looked. Like many other young girls and boys, I grew up without really having my father in my life, so if it wasn't for the commercials and department store sales, I'd forget this day even existed. That is...until I lost my father last month. His death made me realize how precious life truly is, and that we shouldn't take people or their time here for granted.

The time and energy that I spent being bitter and angry about his absence, could have been put into at least making an attempt myself to nurture the relationship. Both Teneasha, as well as myself know what it's like to lose a parent, and I promise you...whether you are close to them or not, it hurts and it's like losing a part of yourself.

Loved ones, on behalf of VB, we sincerely urge you to not only use this holiday, but everyday to love, appreciate, and honor the ones who gave you life. Although many of us have been blessed to have Godparents, step parents, and adopted parents in our lives, we are only given ONE set of biological parents and they can never truly be replaced. Don't let today end without verbally telling them you love them.

And while you're at it, share a BIG BLUE hug and a cheerful "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!" to any man that you know who has children of his own or has stepped up to the plate and been a father figure in the life of a child. Lets let our men know they are appreciated NOW, instead of waiting until it is too late. Whether we want to admit it or not, we truly need them...

Jill Scott - The Fact Is (I Need You), Live in Paris DVD

*This post is dedicated James Roger Morris: the father that I dearly loved and truly needed, although I never said it enough. - Kenya D. Morris*


Felicity said...

Happy Father's Day, Jill Scott is my favourite! thanks Ladies

enc said...

Happy Father's Day.

I was never the same after my dad died.

Thanks for sharing today.