Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Health is Beauty

Hey Lovelies,

Do you sometimes feel like a super hero? Isn't it interesting how we can have one job during the day that fits into one category(i.e. Clark Kent), and then on the other end of the spectrum, have a secret passion and identity that those around you don't know about (i.e. Superman). During the day I work at a non-profit organization dealing with Public Health, which is very plain as far as fashion is concerned, and in my free time I turn into makeup/fashion diva extraordinaire. I always consider my "identities" to be two seperate entities, but I guess when I think about it, they connect on some level; Being healthy is a key factor in not only being beautiful physically, but internally as well.

Today’s post is a little different because we won’t be highlighting a cool site or showing off a "blue" make up or fashion look. Instead, I come with a very important health announcement. There’s a large outbreak of Salmonella associated with raw tomatoes: specifically Red Plum, Red Roma, or Round Red Tomatoes. The Center for Disease Control has reported 167 people infected and 23 hospitalized. CBS has done an excellent job covering the issue. Please check out for the full article.

The summer is usually the time when people really step up the fitness and put in place the diets and work out regimens they procrastinated on during the winter months. As you eat more salads, try substituting tomatoes with mandarin oranges or radishes for a new and exciting flavor.

As always lovelies, Keep it BLUE


Felicity said...

Thanks for that clever idea!

yummy411 said...

When i got my wrap for lunch yesterday and didn't get tomatos i was a little peeved but then remembered.. ahh the salmonella scare. they must be taking precautions. i generally prefer apples or pears, craisins and other fruits in my salad anyway! great post!!

enc said...

The tomato problem makes me sad. I hope it is cleared up soon.

Frances said...

That salmonella warning is just in time. Thanks for that.