Thursday, June 19, 2008

Panties 101

Hey Lovelies,

It's Teneasha & I have a confession. Today I broke one of the cardinal rules of fashion; I wore a printed panty with my linen pants (and you know linen is a little shear). Ladies do not follow my example; it is never fashionable to have your underwear showing. Underwear is just that, it’s meant to be worn under your clothes and unseen to the world. Please charge this offense to my fight to squeeze in a few extra z’s this morning which forced me to get dressed in a haste. Luckily for you (and me hehe), my former summer internship at Victoria’s Secret should give me enough experience to offer some helpful guidelines to avoid this situation.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right undergarments...

1. Don’t ruin that fabulous all white outfit by making the mistake of wearing white undergarments. White undergarments show as a bolder, more opaque white under white clothes. They are not hidden and this is never a good choice. The best (and I’m 99.9% confident in saying the ONLY) choice of color for an all white ensemble or a slightly shear ensemble is nude undergarments. Nude undergarments mimic the skin even if it’s not your complexion and it will disappear under any color garment.

2. If matching the perfect color underwear with your garments is not your issue, then you may be fighting with that pesky panty line, which quite frankly is just as unflattering. For years the only solution for erasing the panty line was a thong. I’ll be the first to say I’m not a fan of the thong, but if it’s your thing…more power to you…it’s just not mine. These days we are blessed with several choices. Most companies have come up with a seamless option in every style and cut. I’ll be honest and say these don’t always work, but what never fails for me is the seamless boy short. Most garments tend to be tighter at the hip and butt area and slightly or extremely flared at the thigh which hides the lines of the boy short. If you’re wearing a tight fitting pencil skirt then you might have to suck it up and throw on the thong.

3. This rule can be applied to just about anything. Know your size & find the right fit. Underwear provides structure for your clothes. Having underwear that are too tight or too loose tends to throw off the shape. Underwear that is too tight can give you (and I’m going to make up a term here) a dough butt. You’ve seen it, when the butt looks tight and smooth until the panty line which appears to be digging in while the uncovered portion of the butt is fighting to get out. And too big underwear just looks saggy. The same statement can be applied to bras.

These are just a few tips, I’m sure we can find enough information to keep this post going but since I’m at work I’m going to end here. Feel free to share your best practices with us. Sharing is caring!

As always…Keep it BLUE!!!


BeautyChat said...

Great post. Everyone needs a refresher course on undergarments now and again =)

B said...

Love it! Lord knows I've violated a pantie rule or two.

Felicity said...

Her cheeks are okay, she should have worn a slip, and maybe she could have worn those panties.

Black Style Central said...

Love this post! Super helpful!