Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Color Me Bluetiful: "Summer Sunset"

Hey Bluetiful Ones! Summer is approaching and what better way to welcome in a little heat with hot new look? Today's "Color Me Bluetiful" segment will be featuring a look that I like to call "Summer Sunset". It was inspired by a photo that I ran into on my comp, that is filled with vibrant purples, pinks, oranges, and a hint of yellow.

Pink is definitely a color that has been making great waves during the spring and this upcoming summer season, so I decided to embrace my girly side and brighten things up a bit. While it may not necessarily be a work appropriate look, it's definitely something to have a little fun with in your free time. Feel free to tell me what you all think...

Products Used:
Black Radiance Perfect Blend Cream Stick Foundation w/SPF 15
Iman Blush in Cinnamon

L'oreal HiP Cream Crayon in Unmistakable - used as a base
Joya eyeshadow in Gold Dust - inner corner of eyelid
MAC eyeshadow in Coral - middle of eyelid
MAC pigment in Genuine Orange - outer corners of eyelid
Joya eyeshadow in Groovy Pink - entire crease
Black Radiance Desert Clay palette (dark brown shadow) - blended into outer V
Wet and Wild Eyeshadow palette (pearl shadow) - used as highlight
MAC fluidline in Blacktrack - used to line eyes
1 coat of MAC Prolash Mascara & 1 coat L'oreal Voluminous Mascara

MAC lip liner in Current
Joya lipstick in Venus
MAC lip glass in Zazoom


Shen said...

this is tres gorgeous!! i can;t pull off something like this. :)i'm sooo impressed!

B said...

Absolutely blue-tiful!!! Great blending...we must be thinkin' the same thing because my FOTD Friday is similar to this. Only not as good. I've never heard of make in Genuine Orange. Hmmm...how could that slip past me?

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Very pretty! I love all things pink! I should try to be more adventurous when it comes to my makeup choices. Thanks for being an inspiration! :-)

Miss Pretty said...

Love the lip color!

yummy411 said...

beautiful! i need coral eyeshadow and the bright coral pigment! LOVE.

Felicity said...

Great colours, very lovely!

enc said...

That is a gorgeous look.

Leeann said...

Love the look! Not only does it resemble the sunset photo, it makes me want to travel somewhere tropical and sip a pina coloda =)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

i've always loved sunset looks and you've executed this look BLUETIFULLY! hehe. :) i seriously love it, and those colors are so flattering on your skintone! :D

SuzieC said...

Beautiful! I love the colors!

janel said...

hi kenya: thanks to taking a peek at my blog--love yours although i haven't have time to read all the posts. i continue with my vacation tomorrow, so i definitely plan to come back! i'm going to add you to my favorite blogs list on my blogspot page. love the summer sunset makeup look--believe it or not, i did a video a week or so ago using a lot of the same colors and called it a sunset look--i have yet to get it edited and posted on youtube though. be on the watch for it--i plan to work on it tomorrow! check out my fotki if you get a chance--i have a makeup folder with a few looks and i'm also chronicling my loc journey--no password(s) needed to view my pics. http://public.fotki.com/jp6275
be blessed, hugs and peace! janel

Danyelle said...

Very pretty and executed perfectly! You got sum skills there girl :)

justme said...

oooh pretty

Anonymous said...

Girl! You better work.it.out! Love this.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I'm loving it!!!!