Thursday, June 12, 2008

2008 MTV Movie Awards

Hey Lovelies!

It's Kenya. For those of you who may have been living under a rock (much like myself) and missed the MTV Movie Awards that aired on June 1st, you didn't have to worry because MTV was surely going to make sure you were up to speed...over and over and over again. I will humbly admit that I don't exactly follow award shows like I used to. There was a day and time when I'd be counting down the days, just to see what would be the latest publicity stunt, the most over the top performance, or who would walk away with what award. These days I'm less concerned about who's tearing up the stage, and more interested in who's rocking what on the red carpet.

A noticeable trend this year was a lot of black and metallic. Am I the only one that tends to get a little bubbly and colorful during the spring and summer time? I would have bet some money that I was going to see a lot more splashes of color on the red carpet, but hey...I'm not knocking the neutral tones. You can't blame a chick for loving the "little black dress". It's one selection that you can't go wrong with...or can you?

I'll honestly say that I wasn't super blown away by the wardrobe choices this year, however, since VB is a positive blog, I won't post pics of fits that I thought were definite "don'ts". Instead, I will concentrate on a few of the looks that I thought had a little "blue" in them ;-) Feel free to share your thoughts and comments...

"The Hills" star Lauren Conrad rocking one of her designs. It's a little safe, but I'm not mad at what it does for her figure Our Blue Cents: A great cut makes all the difference in the world. Know your body & adorn it with things that compliment it

Tila Tequila flaunts a little sophistication in a Grecian-inspired gown. The "blue" in this look? Definitely that hot leopard clutch Our Blue Cents: Kick any outfit up a notch by rocking funky accessory.

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker glamming it up in a glittery black L'Wren Scott mini-dress and white lace-up boots & a purple clutch that we are also feeling. Our Blue Cents: Throwing a splash of color into a neutral outfit can add an extra "pop".

British actress Terri Seymour gets adventurous in a 70s-esque red jumpsuit and gold platform strappy heels. Since I'm a certified vintage chick, I saw "blue" written all over this. Our Blue Cents: Don't be afraid to take a fashion risk; just make sure you have the confidence to go with the outfit.

Charlize Theron looking dangerous & sexy in black skinny pants, a metallic corset top, and spike heels that are the definition of FIERCE. Our Blue Cents: A hot pair of shoes is a great way to add some pizazz to any look.

And can we just mention how absolutely flawless this make up is? She looks absolutely radiant. Kudos to her MUA

The Pussy Cat Dolls in dresses that are a bit "forever21ish" (not that I'm hating, because I do shop there lol), however, with rich smokey eyes & bronzy skin, I'm definitely feeling the make up. Our Blue Cents: like the PCDs keep your make up balanced by having vibrant eyes, but maintain a neutral sexy lip or vice versa.


Felicity said...

The ladies look nice!

Leeann said...

SJP's dress=adorable, boots=to put it kindly, unattractive. I actually loved Paris's look overall. The hair, dress, and shoes all went together marvelously!

Mona the Face Painter said...

I love the coral on Terri Seymour!! Hot!!