Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Beauty of Forgiveness

Hey Lovelies,

We at Virtuous Blue have vowed to make this blog a blog about internal and external beauty, and although we spend a lot of time sharing our shopping secrets and makeup application, at the end of the day if you're struggling will effect your outer appearance. Today we want to talk about an issue that often goes undiscussed but is necessary for living a fulfilled and beautiful life.

A couple nights ago I found myself crying over every pain I've ever experienced in life. I mean I literally surveyed my life and every time a bad memory popped in my mind, I cried and began to connect my present issues with issues of the past. I asked God, "why in the world would you let these things happen to me?" I felt the pain of things that happened 10 years ago as if they were yesterday, and I found myself extremely angry with some people I hadn't seen or spoken to in years and some who had even passed away.

I woke up with puffy eyes and just enough strength to throw on some old black pants and a t-shirt for work (and believe me, nothing about that ensemble is BLUE) and I realized that experience was neither beautiful or beneficial to me, sparked a change. I woke up and decided that I needed to forgive to be able to live a more fulfilled life. Honestly, I think we forget that we too have caused our fair share of pain. We expect to be forgiven, and if you're like me, get upset if the person we hurt even thinks about bringing it up. Yet we hold on to grudges and milk every ounce of pity.

Well Lovelies, I pray that you join me in crying over past issues for the last time. Release the pain in your tears and embrace forgiveness. Once you truly forgive ,the benefit is this overwhelming feeling of lightness, as if a literal weight has been lifted; And it has, because internal issues have physical effects. Life comes with ups and downs and every situation has made you the amazing person you are today. Start to think about every success in life, and realize that even the most painful times have worked out for your benefit.

Release the hurt and the grudge, and definitely Keep it BLUE!!!


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Wow, that's so funny that your post is in forgiveness today. I just spoke with my best friend about this topic because she's struggling with the act of forgiveness. I will tell her to read your blog! :-)

I really don't have a problem forgiving. I guess that's mainly due to my poor memory. lol

ndidi said...

that's a good word Teneasha..

Felicity said...

Forgiveness helps you to move on with your life and flow into your blessings.

Miss Pretty said...

Loved this post! This was something that Ive benn struggling with past things and resentment.

Coffee said...

OMG....are you in my head?! I've been struggling with trying to forgive my past mistakes and move the heck on a LOT lately. It's like I've been holding it all in for all these years the burden is getting too hard to carry any more. It's a LOOOONG process, I'm sure. But, I too, have vowed to cry my last tear over the past. (it's truly disabling my life....relationships, work, living my life like it's a blessing, etc.) You ladies are the best! PLEASE keep it up, your spirit and words set you apart from every other makeup blog that I is inside and out.

Askmewhats said...

I am so into beauty inside and out as well. And you are right, forgiveness can let us go...I've been hurt too many times but I have forgiven them (not at once) but I did forgave them, and I'm living a lighter life..thanks for the post..really..helps to know you're not alone in these situations ..stay happy and be happy

enc said...

Agreed: holding onto old pain and resentments only holds me back. I try to live in the now, I try to recognize what IS. I also try to recognize my part in things.

I love this post.

I hope you will move through your past pain to the sunlight of today.

Divine Blackness said...

Such a beautiful post, sis. I know it's hard. I struggle with trying to let go of things in my past too. It's nothing that can happen over night but to recognize that it needs to happen is truly a beautiful thing.

You are great.

jameil1922 said...

FAB. trouble don't last always.