Thursday, April 17, 2008

VB In Action: Howard University Resfest

Hey Lovelies!!!

Our peers at Howard University have served as the supporters of Virtuous Blue since our initial interest in make up artistry. From our humble beginnings of just seeing beauty as "a hobby", to the progression of what we now consider a passion, HU has been our training grounds and we are always grateful when presented with new opportunities to nurture our craft.

This weekend was the conclusion of a week long of events called "Resfest", where the dorms are in daily competition to see who has the most talent; ranging in athletics, games, stepping, dance and more. Virtuous Blue hung out with the Ladies of the Quad, a freshman female dorm, as makeup artists for the dance team. We had an amazing time with the Quad...not just because it was the home of our very own Kenya her freshman year, but because these girls were creative as all get out.
Their theme was inspired by the movie "Grease", and the team was broken into two groups: The Ladies and The Birds. The ladies were an embodiment of all things girly, whereas the Birds were rough, with a slightly feminine appeal. This was a breeding ground of creativity for Virtuous Blue, and gave us the chance to go all out as we designed looks to represent the personalities of the two groups.

We gave "the ladies" softer sparkly eyes with golden lemon pigment, a playful design on the side of the face adorned with gold gems, and girly cherry red lips. "The Birds" had an eyeshadow look with matte yellow lids, an edgy design with crisp lines, and a bold black lip. Both groups had pronounced eye creases with Black Tied by MAC, in order to give their eye make up definition from a distance while they were on stage.
It was so exciting to watch these young ladies transform right before our very eyes into the characters that they were going to personify during their performance. With 16 faces to beautify, we had our hands full, but we definitely had a blast!

Check out the pics and tell us what you all think...

1. Teneasha & Nafessa 2. Kenya & Tiffany

1. Shauna & Chris 2. Quad Dance Team

1. Imani 2. Tida

1. Grace 2.Tiffany

The Quad did an amazing job during the dance competition and were honored with 2nd place.

Great job ladies!!!

Special Thanks to the Coaches for allowing VB to be apart of this experience:

(left to right)
1. Aryana 2. Erin 3. Brittany

Although their colors were black, yellow and gold...the ladies of The Quad definitely kept it BLUE!!!

(Kenya, Brittany, Teneasha)


Anu said...

wow, i love the make-up. must have been a lot of fun :). i miss the days when uni=fun.

yummy411 said...

fabulous! what a great experience. i love the energy at Howard! let me know when you guys do something else. i wanna see!

ilurvemakeup said...

That looks like so much fun! :D

Brittany Gail 'B.Diddy' Thomas said...

It was an absolute pleasure to work with VirtuousBlue! Thank you so much for taking us (QDT3), our performance and our experience to the next level. Your talent, love and support will never be forgotten.
Brittany Gail Thomas
aka B.Diddy
QDT3 Head Dance Coach

Eb the Celeb said...

As an aggie and howard being our alltime rivals... I have to start by saying


Very creative nice pics!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

you guys did a GREAT job with all of their makeup. :)

enc said...

What a bunch of beautiful ladies, and what a lot of lovely work. Nice job!

Maria Palma said...

How fun! Ah, I miss the good ole college days...

Divine Blackness said...

Okay to my sistas at HU! I see you! Looks like a toooon of fun and the work that you ladies did was amazing! Very impressed...keep up the fab work!

Divine Blackness said...

Wait a minute....QDT3 has the exact same first and last name as me! Creepy, lol!

ndidi said...

Guys, so sleigh me. This work is three words... Fab-u-lous ( okay, so maybe it's one word). Anyway, I love it, and you ladies looked wonderful as well.

Lakia said...

Loving the make up! Keep doing what you do...