Thursday, April 10, 2008

Brush it off

Hello bluetiful ones!

So the verdict is in and according to the results from the poll it appears that most of you would like to see more product reviews from Virtuous Blue. So without further ado...that's exactly what we have for you! Kenya recently received her new brushes from a great company called Coastal Scents. They specialize in mineral make up, but also sell an array of products, ranging from skincare, make up ingredients, storage cases, and of course brushes.

Regardless of where you choose to purchase your tools from, don't forget to wash new brushes thoroughly before using them on your face. Sanitation is just one of those things that will never go out of style. OK, enough with the public announcements and on to the show. Hope you enjoy the video...

The brushes featured in this video are as follows:
Foundation Brush Large
Concealer Brush
Chisel Fluff/Pointed Crease Duet
Chisel Fluff Large Shadow Brush
Blending Brush
Angle Liner/Spoolie Brush
Chisel Detail Mini Brush
Pink Kolinsky Lip Brush

*our blue scents* Feel free to be experimental and find multiple purposes for your brushes. A brush that you purchased for concealing, could be great for blending and a brush that is primarily used for the lid, could also do wonders for lining the eye. You never know until you try. As we like to say at Virtuous Blue, "beauty is why limit yourself?"

For more information on Coastal Scents, check out their website at Thanks for watching, and don't forget to keep it blue!


Beautyful Habit said...

i just love it here...its like being out in the rain simply refreshing!!!

Danyelle said...

Hey, great and timely review! I need more brushes that don't put holes in my pockets, lol. Also, the large foundation brush is used best with cream foundations. MAC's #187 or any other duofiber brush is perfect for liquid foundations. You can stiple it all over your face and then blend the small dots together to get an airbrushed look. I checked online and coastal scents does have one and its less than 10 bucks aannnndddd PINK! Again, great review girlie :)

Grayburn said...

Thanks for introducing me to your blog! I love your ease and candidness. We're so spoiled that there is so much pre-release information from MAC that we can already go ga-ga over a collection before its out! I will be the first one in line at MAC when naughty nautials comes out! Which items do you already have your eyes on?

have a great weekend,

Virtuous Blue said...

beautyful habit - thanks so much. We consider your blog to be a breathe of fresh air as well :-)

Danyelle - Thanks for the great advice! Even though I knew taklon would really only work its best with an emollient based product, I guess the rebel in me wanted to see if it would work with my liquid lol. I'm definately going to give a stippling brush a try tho. I heard the CS one is a bit too soft, so I might just break down and get the MAC one

Grayburn - Thanks for the compliment! And i'm pretty much loving all 4 of the pigments from Naughty Nauticals, as well as the eyeshadows in Submarine & Meet the Fleet. And since i'm a lustreglass freak all of them look great to me. Oh forget it...I have my eyes on EVERYTHING lol

Divine Blackness said...

Hey blog sistas! K, you did a fab job with the review. I have yet to try out this brand but you got me reachin' for my credit card, chile. I think I'm going to order some.

Keep up the great work with the videos!

Divine Blackness said...

Oh and yesss...Dany is right. You will fall in love with the 187. I know it's a bit on the pricey side but it is so so soooo worth it. No lie. I'm mad impressed at your MAC brush intelligence. You know a great deal of the brush numbers, what they do, the prices....get it!

SuzieC said...

I have the stippling brush and mine sheds horribly. Though it does leave me airbrushed I'm always picking hair off my face when I use. I'll be getting either the 187 or the Sephora # 44 soon.

The Chisel Detail Mini Brush is one of my favorite brushes. It's the only brush small enough to line my lower lash line.

yummy411 said...

finally i got to watch the vid! great review! even though my brushes kinda turned me off, the prices keep drawing you in!

Grayburn said...

Lol! another week or so now....