Friday, April 11, 2008

Etsy Find: Rebel Chic

Can we say how much we love Etsy?...We really love Etsy!!! Is it just us or are you really tired of bumping into people who have on your shirt, your shoes, sporting your purse, or some other item you just happen to love? CAN I JUST BE ME??? Etsy is a breeding ground of individuality and we give it 5 Blue Stars.

Rebel Chic is a line of accessories whose name is very befitting. The shapes and materials are against the norm, but classy nonetheless. We’ve featured their earrings on the “Things Were Eyeing” portion of our side panel.

We’d never highlight anything that we’re not losing our minds over.

“Rebel Chic is a line of jewelry inspired by women who have influenced music, art and have promoted social change. All jewelry pieces are carefully handcrafted from reclaimed leather in harmony with other organic materials.”

To get your own pair please visit:

Keep it BLUE!!!


Fashion Ivy said...

I definitely ove etsy

Anu said...

i've found some GREAT things on etsy (esp jewelry).

Divine Blackness said...

Def need to check this out!

Lakia said...

I am feeling those earrings!

Beautyful Habit said...

i saw these earrings somewhere before and love the Etsy site!!! Stay tuned Habitual Beauty accessories will be on Etsy and a few other sites soon!