Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Site Alert

Hey Lovelies,

As we learn more in the fashion and beauty world, our greatest joy is to share it with you. We recently ran across a fabulous website http://www.honeyshed.com/. Honey Shed is an innovative site that does product reviews in a "talk show" format. Honeyshed includes video reviews on clothes/shoes, beauty items, technology and so much more. It definitely is a refreshing take on advertising and home shopping.

Let us know if you have any sites that you absolutely love.

Keep it BLUE!!!


Divine Blackness said...

Okay these White girls are crackin' me up. I love them! What a novel idea. I'm book marking this site. Thanks so much for sharing.

Fashion Ivy said...

hey thanks for visiting my blog. would u like to link?

The Anti Hair Slave said...

I love Honeyshed!

yummy411 said...

honeyshed was one of the first places that gave me a review and pics..(video!) of the mufe flash colors i was debating on. they are a trip though!