Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Hey Bluetiful People,

Do you have trouble getting dressed in the morning? Lately I've found that it takes me so long to get dressed, and that it often even causes delays in me getting to my destination on time. So after some self evaluation, I discovered that one reason it was taking so long was the process of sifting through my wardrobe to find the items I liked, felt comfortable in, and fit the way I desired. I quickly realized it's time for a spring cleaning.

If you're suffering from a similar issue, make some time and clean your closet. For those pack rats out there, here are some questions you should ask yourself when deciding if you should keep or toss an item.
  1. Do I like this item?

  2. Does this item fit properly? (If not, can it be altered? is it worth being altered?)
  3. Has it been more than 6 months since I've worn this item?

  4. Was this item a "trend purchase", if so can it be incorporated into my style today?

It can be a tedious process to clean out your closet, but the time it saves in the long run makes it extremely beneficial. Our Blue cents: To help decrease the need for regular cleanings make sure each item you purchase is an item you love. Spend more money on wardrobe staple items (i.e. black skirt) and less on trend items (i.e. leggings).

Wardrobe Dos & Don'ts:
1) "I Remember..." - sometimes it can be easy to hold on to an item simply because it holds a special memory or reminds you of someone/something. But if you aren't wearing it regularly, you need to keep that memory right where it your mind.

2) "Hmm...I might be able to work with this" - There might be those pieces that you don't like all that much, but you figure you can make them work if you mix it with something else. If an item needs assistance in winning you over, then you could do without it all together.

3) The infamous "goal" items - Ya know, those articles of clothing that we know we can't fit by a long shot but we're holding on to them as "motivation" to lose weight. If we haven't lost it yet, then maybe it's time to find a new source of motivation.

4) "Everyone else is doing it!" - We're all guilty of it, buying an item because we thought it looked great on a celebrity or someone else that we saw rock it. But let us not forget that every trend does not work for everyone. If it does not compliment you, then you just might want to leave it with Beyonce.

The best wardrobe is not necessarily the one that has all of the "in" items, but the one that YOU love through and through. If you can go into your closet blindfolded to select an item to wear, and not only feel comfortable in it, but feel FIERCE in it, then you have not only shaved off preparation time, but you have also found your style niche & embraced it.

Happy Cleaning...and Keep it BLUE


nywele said...

This is such a helpful post!! I even purchased a book to help me in my morning routine
Frumpy to Foxy in 15 Minutes Flat: Style Advice for Every Woman by by Elycia Rubin (Author), Rita Mauceri

The Anti Hair Slave said...

Great post!

Anu said...

Great post. but i have to confes i'm one of those people who never likes throwing away anything. i am so sentimental about stuff like 'i wore this when this and this happened with so an so person' and get so attached to things. i am soooo bad at spring cleaning

Virtuous Blue said...


I'm glad this post helped this was definately a situation where we were speaking to ourselves and our readers...I need to do some spring cleaning...We're going to check out the book it would be amazing to be foxy in 15 minutes.


Virtuous Blue said...


You have definitely ventured into can't part with anything. Take her advice keep the memories in your head and heart and throw some stuff away.

It will change your life to have a wardrobe of amazing items instead of mediocre items that have sentimental value.