Thursday, July 10, 2008

One Stop Shop: Mod Cloth

Hey Lovelies,

This weeks One Stop Shop features items from Mod Cloth. Mod Cloth is an online store that caries a great variety of retro indie clothing and an amazing vintage section that often sells out know from personal experience.

The Mod Cloth team describes it as "ModCloth is a small team of people who work like crazy and love every minute of it. We believe that every man, woman, and child needs a closet full of clothes that express their unique personality."

Check out these amazing items, they can all be purchased at along with many other fabulous items.

1. Farrah Sunglasses $11.99 2. Banana Split Heels $39.99 3. Emerald City Heels $84.99 4.Grisaille Dress $54.99 5. Wood Block Earrings $5.99 6. Central Park Bag $49.99

Keep it BLUE!!!


The Fabulous people at Oh So Chic Boutique have offered VB readers and Oh So Chic Discount. Enter: BlueChic at checkout for 15% off and free priority shipping.


jamey johnson said...

My wife and I both DIG your site..."it is OH SOoooo BLUE!" - PEACE OUT -

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Will definitely check it out! Always looking for great online boutiques!