Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Color Theory

Hey Lovelies!!!

The ladies of VB are all grown up and we officially started renting our very 1st apartment last week. Many students venture out during their collegiate career but we chose the convenience of dorm living. However, we are super excited that chapter of our life has come to an end.

We have temporarily transferred our love of color that we usually express through makeup and wardrobe to home d├ęcor. Its all we talk about these days, and even our parents, close relatives and friends have been sucked in. One definite decision we've made is painting the walls, however, we’ve been going back and forth on what colors to choose since it won’t likely change.

While searching all the various paint company sites I found this cool little tool that connects emotion with colors. Check it out.

Pure Red is a statement color and highly individual—dramatic, vibrant and stimulating. By contrast, the Muted and Shaded tones of red are soft, cozy, personal and intimate, with just a hint of passion and romance.

Combining the drama of red with the cheerfulness of yellow, Pure Orange is luminous, bright, glowing and bold. The Muted and Shaded tones offer a bright but subtle glow that’s restful, earthy, natural and soothing.

Closest to sunlight, Pure Yellow conveys hospitality and promotes deep feelings of well-being. The Muted hues make quiet backgrounds for busy lives, while the Shaded Yellows have a soft, glowing presence that speaks of home, harvest and abundance.

The most neutral color in the spectrum, Pure Green is strongly associated with nature. Muted Greens are calm, restful and soothing, while the Shaded variants project trust and order, encouraging contemplation, serenity and repose.

Evoking the emotions of sky and sea, Pure Blue is calming, expansive and cool. Appearing to recede, it raises ceilings and pushes back walls. The Muted hues recall summer skies, azure mountain lakes and blue-green ocean depths, while the dignified Shaded Blues exude comfort and ease.

Pure Purple has the clarity of blue and the warmth of red. The deep colors convey grandeur and luxury, while the lighter shades are elusive and intriguing. Muted Purples are airy and peaceful, and the Shaded Purples are soft, shadowy and undeniably romantic.

What does your favorite color say about you? Does your personality correlate with the emotions evoked by your favorite color?

Keep it BLUE!!! (which according to the description means calm and cool…we can dig that)


http://hav8.blog124.fc2.com said...

So good......

Leeann said...

Hoe wxciting! Congrats!!!

Askmewhats said...

thanks for this, I DIG blue too! I love pinks and blues... :)

B said...

Yay for VB! Yall are gonna miss the dorms though. I know I did when I first got my own place. But you will love not having to fight for a washer machine when it's time to wash your clothes so many blessings in your new ventures!

I definitely fall in the burgundy/muted orange category. Loves it!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Congrats on moving on up!! :-)

My favorite color (pink) isn't on the list so I don't know if it correlates with my personality. Hmm...interesting about the other colors though!

enc said...

Congratulations on moving into an apartment. Your lives will change!

Virtuous Blue said...

thanks for the congrats ladies. We are REALLY excited about it. Oh, and Brit, we are eye to eye on that one, because I am SO loving that color combo. Actually, i opted to be adventurous and paint my whole room orange. Teneasha is going with lime green. This will be VERY interesting lol.


Felicity said...

I would have gone for the blue. However my favourite colours are blue, lavender, pink, purple.