Friday, May 16, 2008

VB In Action: 4th Annual Celebrity Symposium Pt.1

Hey Lovelies!!!

The Bennett Career Institute hosted their 4th Annual Makeup Symposium where they brought the biggest names in the makeup industry to teach, encourage, and inspire makeup artists of all levels. VB's very own, Teneasha ,was so privileged to be able to attend the Symposium, and lucky for you she'll dish all the tips, tricks, and secrets they shared. Grab your notepad and let's get started!!!

Class 1: Quick Hair for On Set
Instructor: Gerald Armstrong, Celebrity hairstylist for Pattie Labelle and DC Salon Owner
Class Notes:
  • Time is everything in makeup and hair. Learn to work on your speed. Time is money and in most cases you're only given 1-1 1/2 hours to execute your looks.
  • BE PROFESSIONAL (come early, be pleasant, and be flexible)
  • Reasons a makeup artist (MUA) should know hair basics: (1) Hairstylists and MUA usually work on a client at the same time, so it's beneficial to know their process. (2) If the hairstylist is a "no show" or is running late, you can step in, which will impress the client and send you home with 2 checks. (3) Makes you a more competitive MUA
  • Items to add to your Hair Kit: Blow Dryer, Flat Iron, Shears, Velcro Rollers, Hair Pins, Aerosol Hairspray, Hair Wax, Hair (wigs, ponytails, bonding glue).

Class 2: Makeup for HDTV
Instructor: Valente Frazier, Celebrity MUA for Tyra Banks
Class Notes:
  • HDTV shows all flaws.
  • Make sure your foundation color matches perfectly. Airbrushing is best.
  • Carry Foundation down the jaw line and neck to avoid uneven complexion of the neck and face.
  • Products I love: MAC mineralized skinfinish natural, Gem-toned shadows.

Class 3: Bridal Makeup
Instructor: Tanna J., Instructor for Bennett Career Institute/Freelance MUA
Class Notes:

  • Have your makeup done when you arrive to jobs or consultations.
  • Want makeup that's buildable, so if you need to apply more you can.
  • Never apply foundation over foundation (if it begins to get oily or wear off throughout the day apply more powder not more foundation).
  • Sample Fees to charge for Bridal Makeup: (Experienced MUA/Beginner MUA) Bride ($225/$145) 1 hour of application (full face, brows, lashes) Bridesmaids & Extras ($95/$45) 20 min. of application $50 Hold the Date Fee $75/$50 Consultation Fee

(left to right) 1. Richard Pelzer 2. Valente Frazier and Teneasha 3. Billy B w/ Tanna J.

Class 4: The Business of Makeup
Instructor: Richard Peltzer, owner of Mega Management
Class Notes:

  • Communication is key. Always build relationships.
  • If its not in writing, it doesn't count (write down your rates and make them standard, if you choose to give a discount write the original amount and the amount discounted so everyone is aware of the actual cost).
  • Know when you're going to get paid/ask questions.
  • Agent vs. Manager: Agents help to secure jobs, Have multiple clients and doesn't care who gets what job. Manager: Develops client, Makes sure YOU get the job.
  • Before you get a manager build your portfolio.
  • Never stop developing yourself and your business.
Class 5: Building a Celebrity Clientele
Instructor: Billy B, Celebrity MUA for EVERYONE
Class Notes:
  • This Business is GREAT because it accepts creativity.
  • Don't strive to be a celebrity artist, strive to be a great artist.
  • There's always more to learn. Try to learn from everyone.
  • Stay current on application techniques.
  • Contour is a play on light and is good for print, but do not use for Bridal Makeup.

I know this is a lot to take in so stay tuned for part 2. Yummy also did a post on the Symposium, check it out...And as always Keep it BLUE


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Great Post with very informative information!! So mad I didn't attend. Thanks in advance!!

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i agree with slvrlips. this is a fab post.

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Great information, ladies!

Park Avenue said...

I'm in the process of starting an esthetician program in my area & I would've looooved to have been able to get this symposium. It must've been a treat!

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aww i missed getting a chance to meet you at the hottest event! so sad i didn't go.. next year i'll have the dolla bills straight so that i can attend.

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Mikiye Creations said...

I Love Billy B.!!!
He is a HOOT to work with!
If anyone has a chance to see or work with him I HIGHLY recommend it!
I just adore him~!