Tuesday, May 20, 2008

4th Annual Celebrity Symposium Pt.2

Hey Lovelies!!!

As promised here's part 2 of the 4th Annual Makeup Symposium that took place in DC a few weeks ago. So without further ado...

Class 1: Makeup for Photoshoots
Instructor: Danessa Myricks, Celebrity Artist and Master Educator
Class Notes:

  • Know Your Model: learn the features, skin, and dimensions of your model. These characteristics affect your looks and application.

  • Have a Plan: (1) How many looks you’re executing that day (2) Location of the shoot, inside/outside affects the lighting (its best to apply makeup in the light you’re using for the shoot) (3) Determine the order of the looks (best to start off more natural and work your way to the more dramatic looks).

  • Know your Camera: (1) Balance (know the focus of your makeup look; eye, lip, cheek) (2) Application (make it fluid and without streaks and gaps, continue the foundation down the neck) (3) Details (the small things can make or break your photoshoot, i.e. disheveled brows)

Class 2: Editorial Makeup
Instructor: James Vincent, celebrity artist, artist for The Powder Group
Class Notes:

  • Editorials tell a story; when designing the look you must consider the story.

  • Top 4 Prestigious Magazines in the US (Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, W, Elle). Do your research, know the market, and stay on top of trends.

  • A great way to get started in editorial makeup or other aspects of makeup artistry is to become a makeup assistant or work at a counter. This experience allows you to work on your makeup application while building networks.

  • How to become a makeup assistant: Contact an agency and let them know you are interested in assisting. be honest with the agency regarding experience and your portfolio or lack their of, and make yourself available.

  • Business Cards: Keep it simple and to the point. No photos, no quotes, and no Vista Print on the back. (that made me laugh...I guess that cuts out the 250 free cards idea)

  • Portfolio: Have a variety of clean beauty shots (everything doesn't need feather and rhinestones). Never have blank pages; your portfolio should allow you to add and subtract pages.

  • Resume: Keep it clean. At most, a few small images on the header (in a row)

  • Comp Cards: Good if you have a portfolio and GREAT if you don't (a comp card is a larger version of a business card, with an image of your work and your contact information).
  • Building your portfolio on a budget: Do testing. Testing is when you work on a shoot for free with photographers and stylists as an exchange of service for photos and field experience. (Check craigslist and model mayhem for opportunities)

Class 3: Foundations
Instructor: Lorena Simpson, Freelance Artist, Instructor
Class Notes:

  • Step 1: Start with a clean and moisturized face. (A) Determine the skin's undertone (Red/Warms or Yellow/Cools). (B) Select proper shade: select 3 shades close to the complexion and test on the jaw line. (C) Add concealer if needed to cover blemishes.

  • Step 2: Apply foundation. Tools to Apply foundation: (A) Brushes- synthetic hairs allow foundation to move better (Ben Nye brushes are great & inexpensive) (B) Disposable Sponges-Natural absorbents that soak up more product but give you more control and greater sanitation. (C) Fingers-allow foundation to warm up to body temperature making it easy to blend, but not a great tool professionally.

  • Step 3: Applying Powder: Powder helps to set the foundation for increased staying power. Also great for eliminating shine.

    (left to right) 1. Teneasha and Denessa 2. Sam Fine 3. Teneasha and James Vincent

Class 4: Building Your Kit
Instructor: Aisha Ferguson
Class Notes:

  • Foundation: Not a good idea to start building your kit with liquid foundation. Start with cream foundation in the lightest and darkest shade because you'll be able to blend and create shades.

  • Powders: Get powders with red and yellow undertones to accommodate the skin complexion.

  • Mascara: Mascaras have to be replaced often, its ok to use a cheaper Mascara (Loreal Voluminous is GREAT). Buy Mascara's in black, brown, clear, and something to accommodate people with red/auburn hair.

  • Blush/Bronzers: Darker skin- berries & plums, Lighter/White Skin- corals, rose, pinks

  • Eyeshadow: Start with matte heavily pigmented shadows.

  • Eyeliner: Get the basics (black, brown, white, taupe)

  • Lipliner: Start with colors to match your lipsticks.

  • Lipgloss/lipstick: Buy in forms conducive to doing makeup on other people. Pots are better than tubes. Know the undertones of the l/s shades (silvers or golds) and stay in the same undertone while applying.

  • Brushes: Eyes: concealer brush, short hair angled brush, 2 dome shaped brushes, and a crease brush. Face: foundation brush, blush brush, powder blush. sable hair fan brush

Class 5: Working with Celebrities
Instructor: Sam Fine, Celebrity artist for EVERYONE
Class Notes: (Let me apologize in advance, I was so star struck and focused on taking in his makeup application technique that I slipped on my note taking, but here's what I have)

  • Your signature look comes in time, don't force it, its already in you.

  • You learn how to do makeup by doing makeup (PRACTICE PRACTICE)

  • Concealer: Should be lighter but in the same color family.

  • Contour: Should be darker but in the same color family

I hope you gained some valuable information in taking your passion to a career and being successful at it. If you have any tips you've learned along the way feel free to share them with us as we all learn and grow together.

Keep it BLUE!!!

P.S. I know you might be on overload on posts from The Makeup Show by other bloggers, but VB had the esteemed opportunity to drop in and we're just itching to give our take on it. We'll be sharing some information from that event this week. Stay tuned!!!


yummy411 said...

fab fab fab! thanks for sharing.. this really is a crash course in makeup! taneasha you are so lucky getting pics in with them!

Virtuous Blue said...

Thanks Yummy...I felt like a celebrity artist that weekend. Everyone was so nice it was unbelievable.


Divine Blackness said...

Teneasha...you got to meet Sam Fine? You lucky girl! That man's work is amazing. Looks like you gals copped a ton of information from this event. Thanks for posting it!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Same Fine is a genius...just had to mention that..lol
great post.
Product Junkie Diva

Roselyn said...

Lovely blog ladies!

Dominican Enigma said...

This is great info!!! Thanks

Coffee said...

Sigh...I SO want to ditch Corporate America and unleash the makeup artist that I'm DIEING to be! But, I scared.....sigh. As usual, LOVE your blog ladies!

Mikiye Creations said...

Sam is one man that CAN BEAT A FACE!!!!
He's great to work with and you will learn A LOT if you have a chance to see him in any seminar situation.
I highly recommend anyone to check him out if you have a change!

Delphine said...

great info, I need to make it to more of these type of things, totally inspiring.