Monday, May 26, 2008

The Makeup Show Ultimate Recap

Hey Lovelies!!!

There's no time to waste, so lets jump right in. If you are a professional, freelance, up-and-coming, or aspiring makeup artist there's a company you should be extrememly familiar with...The Powder Group. The Powder Group along with Metropolitan Events and Productions organizes the Makeup Show (fyi they're adding the Makeup Show in LA in 2009). The Powder Group is also responsible for On Makeup Magazine (sign-up NOW). These tools offer amazing networking opportunities and inside tips on the world of beauty.
Now for a recap on the VB experience in NYC...

This was my first year attending The Makeup Show and my initial thoughts afterwards were..."Makeup Overload". Upon entering the Pavillion, you're faced with 66 cosmetic companies and over 3200 fellow makeup artists, there are workshops going on, and demonstrations at various booths. Whooo, its a lot to take fact, I'm still digesting all of the information.

While browsing the booths, Latoya and I (my Makeup Show partner...since Kenya's holding down the West Coast this summer...tear tear) were asked to be models in the Master Workshop. Let me tell you how unbelievable that was. First of all, there's only 1 Master Workshop per day and it costs $275 per person...and that was definitaly not in the as models we got the best of both worlds; We were made-up and we sat in on the workshop for FREE. This year's Master Workshop was lead by Joanna Schlip, who works as a Special Events Makeup Artist, which is the hottest of the hot (she only does makeup for celebrities when they need to look their absolute best). After sharing her tips, she watched as the attendees made up their models. My artist, Angela, flew in from Switzerland and Latoya's artist flew in from the Phillipines to attend the Show, and they were fabulous. Yes, it is that serious, attendees come from all over the world to attend The Makeup Show!!!

left to right 1. Teneasha and MUA Angela 2. Joanna Schlip 3. Joanna and Teneasha

After the workshop, we immediately started browsing the booths. The Makeup Show is the perfect time to build/add on to your kit or your personal collection because all of the brands offer their products at a discounted rate and they items available that are only specifically catered to their professional clientele (and in some cases items from upcoming collections).
While browsing we ran into SilverRain Studios, a cosmetic brand that specializes in theatre makeup. As we admired the work of the demonstrating artist, Latoya and I decided to get some extravagant makeup done to wear for the remainder of the Show.

(left to right) 1. Latoya 2. Teneasha and SilverRain MUA 3. Teneasha and Latoya

After having had not one, but two makeovers for the day, the only thing left to do was shop and network. I ran into so many attendees from the Celebrity Makeup Symposium and even some fellow bloggers. We had an amazing time, however, I will still have to adjust my strategy for the 2009 Makeup Show to make sure I visit more booths and get more exclusive information for you guys.

If there's anything that struck your fancy in this post or any piece of the puzzle you feel has been left out in the blog world on the Makeup Show please let me know and I'll do my best to share the information I have.
Keep it BLUE!!!


yummy411 said...

great post and fab experiences! next year will not be missed!

Felicity said...

Thanks for stopping by, we had the Black Hair and beauty show in London, but be great to have a show based on make-up!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Cute pics!! I bet I probably saw you guys there and didn't know who you were. I'm glad that you had a better experience than I did; because I didn't really enjoy it.

Great recap! :-)

Divine Blackness said...

I will definitely see you gals there next year!

Product Junkie Diva said...

I have to be there next year...thanks so much for this great post.
Product junkie Diva

Anu said...

that looks like so much fun!

BeautyChick101 said...

This sounds so fabulous! I definitely want to check out The Makeup Show next time around!