Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fashion Within Reach

Hi Lovelies,

ASOS, the UK based fashion and beauty site, is having a sale that you would not believe. We've chosen a few items to meet every one's budget and still look fabulous. What better way to spend the day then to save money, look amazing, and find your individuality. The good thing about shopping at ASOS is it decreases the likelihood of walking out the door and finding someone with your exact item on which never fails to occur when the VB girls shop at Old Navy (nothing wrong with Old Navy, they're just extremely popular). Anywho we digress... Check out the VB picks.
Under $15

(left to right) 1. ASOS Ruffle Front Cami Top $8.76 2. ASOS Metallic Snake Court Shoe $13.13 3. ASOS Snake Embossed Wrap Belt $13.13 4 ASOS Bow Front Slingback Shoe $13.13 5. ASOS Twist Front Kimono Top $13.13

Under $25

(left to right) 1. ASOS Linen Crop Trousers $21.89 2. ASOS Printed Tie Waist Dress $21.89 3. ASOS High Heel Gladiator Shoes $19.70

Under $50

(left to right) 1. ASOS African Trim Jersey Playsuit $26. 27 2. ASOS Crochet Trim Dip Dye Dress $32.84 3. ASOS T-Bar Wedge Sandals $30.65 4. French Connection Camilla Waisted Belt $39.40

These are just a few items, which can all be found on
Keep it BLUE!


Karen said...

Shoot! I adore that red and white ASOS Metallic Snake Court Shoe. That is SO CUTE!

SuzieC said...

Cute, especially the shoes!

Celebrity said...

That green top looks so beautiful!